Beginning Bow Stroke and Balancing the Bow

Beginning Bow Stroke and Balancing the Bow


2 thoughts on “Beginning Bow Stroke and Balancing the Bow

  1. hi. if the pinky and the index balance each other, will the pinky still be needed if you put the gravity on the bow and violin when you play? i dont know why the pinky is so important in playing. i noticed that i only use my pinky when the bow has not been place on the violin yet.
    what am i doing wrong?


    • Dear Arlene,
      Its good to hear from you and sounds like you’re really trying to improve.

      The reason most players don’t feel the balance thats possible with bow and hand is because of gripping bow i.e. too much tension in right hand. Also if the position of our hand is titled towards the index finger, we will tend to ‘favor’ the index finger rather than allowing the pinky to help out.

      That is why it is useful to start from the hand dangling over bow without trying to position it. Then place fingers on bow. You can even try this with a pencil since it’s so light and the hand doesn’t have to be stressed by heaviness of bow. Please observe if when placing fingers on bow, you tend to want to tilt the hand. Then try again without tilting hand till it feels comfortable to do so.

      Over time you will be able to place the bow on string, feeling weight of bow on pinky, but also feeling the weight shift from pinky (near frog) to index finger (near tip) then back to the index finger, as you reach the frog again.

      I hope that helps and please let me know if you have other questions. Thank you!



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